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From The Rabbi – Parshat Lech Lecha 5778

Today is the seventh of Mar Cheshvan, the Hebrew date on which Jews in Israel begin praying for rain. Why on this day? Historically, the festival of Sukkot was a festival during which all Jews would make their tri-annual pilgrimage to Jerusalem, in order to spend the festival in the environs of the Holy Temple. Although the season for rain commenced immediately following Sukkot, all Jews would refrain from praying for the rain until the last pilgrims would arrive safely back in their homes, two weeks following the festival, in order that they should not be inconvenienced to travel in the rain.

There are several powerful messages contained in this tradition, which continues until today in Israel. Among them, the unity and consideration of the Jewish people for each other in that, although rain was needed, the entire nation would wait until the very last pilgrim arrived home before praying for this important blessing. It also demonstrates the faith that we have in the power of prayer to produce immediate results.

This year, we transition into Shabbat and, this year, the Shabbat Project, both of which demonstrate our faith in the creation of the universe and the incredible unity of the Jewish people.

The Shabbat Project was ushered in with a very successful Challah Bake evening, attended by many women and their daughters, and this evening we have Baruch Hashem a packed hall booked out for this evening’s Shabbat Dinner and the subsequent Shabbat program. Kol Hakavod to the many wonderful volunteers, who have been responsible for organizing and running these wonderful events of Communal conviviality and Shabbat observance.

We are delighted to welcome Rabbi Chazzan Heilbrunn and his wife Peninah, as our special guests, and Romy Schneiweiss, Natan Kessler, and Matan Slonim, who will be joining us from the Bnei Akiva Youth movement in Melbourne, along with Mushkie Seban, who will be joining us to enhance our Shabbat and run programs for the children throughout Shabbat.

Please see Brisbane Synagogue Shabbat Project Program below.

Please see also below information regarding our upcoming fascinating JLI course, entitled “Great Debates in Jewish History”, to which everyone is welcome and encouraged to join.

Shabbat Shalom and we look forward to an uplifting and inspirational Shabbat.

Rabbi Levi and Dvorah Jaffe

From The Rabbi – Parshat Noach 5778

Following the busy and exciting Yom Tov season, during which we have certainly experienced a memorable  and sensational action packed month of Tishrei, during which it was particularly gratifying for us to witness significant numbers of children, in addition to the many others who participated in the various services, we now take a deep breath and re-enter ‘normal life’.

At the conclusion of Simchat Torah it is customary in many communities to proclaim: “V’Yaakov Holach L’Darko” – “And Jacob went on his way”. In the modern day vernacular, we might re-phrase and say: Time to Hit the Road Jack! You see, in Judaism we don’t stagnate. We’ve just experienced a month of joyous festivals – and far from being inferior to Tishrei, this new direction is different, but equally as important.

No longer in the ‘Yom Tov Bubble’, we return now to our day-to-day lives and have the opportunity to infuse each moment with the inspiration garnered over the holidays, resolving to live more Jewishly than ever before.

Please see information below regarding the global Shabbat Project which is building momentum throughout the world, and we look forward to an amazing Shabbat, with participation from you and your loved ones and we look forward to welcoming you at the Brisbane Synagogue over this special Shabbat.

Please see also below information regarding our upcoming fascinating JLI course, entitled “Great Debates in Jewish History”, to which everyone is welcome to join.

Shabbat Shalom and Chodesh Tov

Rabbi Levi and Dvorah Jaffe

Shabbat and Festival Times


Fri Jan 3rd: Light Candles 6.29pm

Shabbat ends: Sat 4th 7.27pm

Fri Jan 10th: Light Candles 6.30pm

Shabbat ends: Sat 11th 7.27pm

Fri Jan 17th: Light Candles 6.29pm

Shabbat ends: Sat 18th 7.26pm

Fri Jan 24th: Light Candles 6.28pm

Shabbat ends: Sat 25th 7.23pm

Fri Jan 31st: Light Candles 6.25pm

Shabbat ends: Sat 1st 7.20pm