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From The Rabbi – Parshat Shemini 5778

This past week it was my honour to attend a Yom Hashoah Memorial Service, hosted by the University of Queensland, at which our esteemed member and survivor of the Shoah, Dr Bert Klug was the keynote speaker.

Dr Klug’s eloquent and moving account of his and his late wife Eva’s personal experiences during those horrific and unspeakable years, and their subsequent relocation to Australia, their success and contribution to their family and community was truly inspiring. To me, the most moving aspect of his presentation, was his response during the Q and A session following his talk, during which a young student asked him if he harbored any anger or resentment towards those who had so brutally robbed him of his family and his youth, to which he responded without a beat “no, I was too busy occupying myself with meaningful goals in life, such as completing my education , building a family and career, that I did not have the time or care to dwell on the past. in fact, I could probably write a book on how to not suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder”

As we reflect on the atrocities of those darkest days in world history and the remember the soul of the Six Million Kedoshim (holy martyrs), it behooves us to take Dr Klug’s positive message to heart and resolve to re-dedicate our efforts and resources to create meaningful lives for ourselves and children and to build strong and committed families and communities to ensure a bright and prosperous Jewish tomorrow for our children and grandchildren. Am Yisrael Chai!

Please see details below for upcoming Yom Hashoah and ANZAC Day commemorations in our community.

Just a reminder that this week we commence the study of Pirkei Avot (ethics of the fathers), which contains some of the most beautiful teachings in Judaism. Among the concepts taught there is the notion that we should all be aware of the “all-seeing Eye and all-hearing Ear, and that everything is recorded”, a concept which has recently become much more evident to us in the wake of the recent Facebook saga.

This week we finally come to the defining moment when the Shchina (divine presence) descends into the Mishkan (tabernacle) and, in great excitement Aaron, the Kohen Gadol (High Priest) bestows the Birchat Koahanim (priestly blessings) upon the Jewish people.

May we merit the ultimate return of the Shechinah in a tangible and permanent .

Shabbat Shalom and Chodesh Tov

Rabbi Levi and Dvorah Jaffe


From The Rabbi – Shabbat -Last Days Of Pesach 5778

As usual, the Communal Sedarim held in the Brisbane Synagogue Memorial Hall were well-attended, attracting a broad cross-section of people from many counties and religious backgrounds. We extend a bouquet of thanks to Sivan Fridman and Diana Burton for their great contribution and our thanks and appreciation to Yeshivah students Mendy Thaler, Yisrael Vogel, Yoel Edelman, Noson Abram, Levi Weiss and Nati Meltzer who assisted in running the Sedarim and leading services.

It was very gratifying and a great blessing for our community that services were held, almost daily, in the morning and the evening, throughout Chol Hamoed (the intermediary days of) Pesach with extra Torah learning between Mincha (afternoon) and Maariv (evening) services.

Mendy and Yisrael will still be with us for the last days of Pesach and they will be joined by Moshe Cohen, who was among those who assisted with the Communal Seder in Townsville.

As this evening commences the last two days of Pesach, we are sending out the weekly newsletter today.

Our sages point out that the first days of Pesach relate primarily to the Exodus from Egypt whereas the last days relate more to the final redemption, as expressed in the Haftarah which we will read, and the Seudat Moshiach (Moshiach Meal) customarily celebrated on the last day of Pesach.

We remind you to light a 24 or 48-hour candle before the onset of Yom Tov this evening, as candle-lighting tomorrow evening must be taken from a pre-existing flame. In addition, being that Yom Tov leads into Shabbat, the special procedure of Eruv Tavshilin (which can be found in your Siddur), should be performed before the onset of the Chag (Festival).

We wish you and your family Chag Sameach and Shabbat Shalom

Rabbi Levi and Dvorah Jaffe

Shabbat and Festival Times


Fri  June 21st: Light Candles 5.02pm

Shabbat ends: Sat 22nd 6pm


Fri June 28th: Light Candles 5.04pm

Shabbat ends: Sat 29th 6.02pm


Fri  July 5th: Light Candles 5.07pm

Shabbat ends: Sat 6th 6.05pm


Fri  July 12th: Light Candles 5.10pm

Shabbat ends: Sat 13th 6.08pm


Fri  July 19th: Light Candles 5.14pm

Shabbat ends: Sat 20th 6.12pm


Fri  July 26th: Light Candles 5.19pm

Shabbat ends: Sat 27th 6.16pm