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From The Rabbi – Parshat Behar – Bechukotai 5778

We recently received a fascinating email of historical interest,via the Brisbane Synagogue website, from a lady in Israel named Carol, who came across a letter from the Brisbane Hebrew Congregation, dated October 7th 1886, written to her Great Grandfather, Leopold (Leo) Benjamin. It is signed on behalf of the Board of Management by J. Samuel – Hon Sect.

The letter was in thanks of a donation of a Sefer Torah in memory of her Great Grandmother who died shortly after giving birth to a daughter named Vita.

Carol was writing to us to find out if there would be any information in the Synagogue archives that would shed light on the history of the Benjamin family in Brisbane,who would have been among the first Jewish settlers and members of the congregation. Dr Michael Briner, the Heritage Officer of the Brisbane Synagogue has begun some research into this, which he will be sharing with our congregation. In the meantime,if any of our readers are able to shed light into this story, please contact Dr Michael Briner.

In relation to the rich heritage of our congregation, please see image below of the Heritage Cabinet, which has been recently constructed at the entrance to the Synagogue, containing various artifacts of historical interest relating to our congregation.

In accordance with the custom to decorate the Synagogue with flowers and greenery on Shavuot, students and families of the UBHE Cheder will be bringing various plants and greenery this Sunday morning and we will be decorating the Synagogue sanctuary at 10am. If you are able to come along with your plants to assist in this regard, it will be greatly appreciated. Let’s join together to make our Shul look beautiful for this special occasion!

Save the date for the great celebration of our special anniversary on Shavuot, commencing next Motzoey Shabbat (Saturday evening). Please see service times and information below in this regard, including our annual popular kids program and ice-cream party,which will take place next Sunday.

This Shabbat we will bless the incoming month of Sivan. You are welcome to join us at 7.30am tomorrow in the Synagogue for the recital of Tehillim (Psalms), prior to the morning service.

Shabbat Shalom and Chodesh Tov 

Rabbi Levi and Dvorah Jaffe

From The Rabbi – Parshat Emor 5778

With the recent revelations surrounding our financial institutions and Facebook relating to issues of trust, accountability and privacy, regardless of whether we feel this may effect us personally, leaves us disillusioned and skeptical of the world and raises questions in our mind about our faith in humanity, leading to other fundamental questions such as, ‘how we view the world?’, ‘Why does evil exist?’, ‘Why do the wicked seem to prosper?, ”Does anything really matter?’

These important existential questions, which lie at the very core of the human soul and existence help us to define our purpose in life and will be addressed in the upcoming JLI course, commencing this Monday evening. Please see information below in this regard, and if you have not booked, I urge you to come along and discover some of the profound Jewish perspectives on these fundamental issues.

Save the date for the celebration of our special anniversary on Shavuot, Sunday May 20th, the day on which We received the 10 Commandments and we recommit ourselves to the Torah and Jewish continuity. Our annual popular kids program and ice-cream party will take place at the Brisbane Synagogue for the occasion.

Shabbat Shalom

Rabbi Levi and Dvorah Jaffe

Shabbat and Festival Times


Fri  May 3rd: Light Candles 4.57pm

Shabbat ends: Sat 4th 5.50pm


Fri  May 10th: Light Candles 4.52pm

Shabbat ends: Sat 11th 5.46pm


Fri  May 17th: Light Candles 4.48pm

Shabbat ends: Sat 18th 5.43pm


Fri  May 24th: Light Candles 4.45pm

Shabbat ends: Sat 25th 5.40pm


Fri  May 31st: Light Candles 4.43pm

Shabbat ends: Sat 1st 5.39pm