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From The Rabbi – Parshat Bamidbar – Shavuot 5781

Israel is under attack and we are all following the news and social media posts with concern, we pray for the violence to end and for lasting peace to prevail in the region.

We encourage everyone to actively show special solidarity with Israel over this period. Be a proud Jew, don’t cower to false narratives and do something special to strengthen the Jewish spirit and sense of community.

With a strong spirit we can confront almost any challenge. The Jewish spirit comes from community, and from our traditions. Let us unite together around this time, take upon ourselves to add a prayer, do an extra Mitzvah, or recite the Shema prayer with a little more focus and concentration.

In the book of Deuteronomy there is a verse that states: “And the nations of the world will see that the name of Hashem is upon you and they will fear you”. The Talmud (Menachot 35b) quotes Rabbi Eliezer the Great, who interprets this verse as a reference to  the head , which contain the nameof Hashem. In simple words, when we wear Tefilin, even for a few moments, it has the power to instill fear in those who seek to harm us.

Men, bring out your Tefilin, put them on and recite the Shema prayer and think about the people of Israel! Women, please drop a few extra coins in the charity box before you light the candles tomorrow evening at 4.50pm and add a special prayer for peace and security in our Holy Land.

As we open up a new book of the Torah this week, Bamidbar – In the wilderness, it reminds us of our individual and collective journeys through history and through life, and that every experience, openly good or otherwise, brings us closer to our ultimate destination of revealed goodness, holiness and tranquility.

As we prepare for the uplifting Chag – Festival of Shavuot, may we merit, once again the revelation of Hashem in the world, through open miracles, with peace and security in Israel and throughout the world.

Shabbat Shalom and and we look forward to see you in Shul over Shabbat and Shovuot.

Levi and Dvorah Jaffe

From The Rabbi – Parshat Tazria / Metzorah 5781

This past week has been emotionally charged, commencing with the community Yom Hashoa commemoration, last Sunday, remembering and offering prayers for the souls of the Six Million Kedoshim – Holy martyrs, who perished during that horrific period in world history followed, on Tuesday evening, by Yom Hazikaron, as we remember our fallen soldiers of Israel and those who have been killed in Israel’s wars and through acts of Terror, culminating with the celebration of the anniversary of the birth of the Modern State of Israel, which has achieved so much in its short seventy one years of existence.

They tell a story of a woman from Eliat, who once asked the Lubavitcher Rebbe that she wished to go and pray at the burial place of a Tzaddik (a righteous person), but that in Eilat she was not aware of any. The Rebbe responded that she should go to a military cemetery, where our fallen soldiers are buried, as there you will find pure souls. Yehi Zichram Baruch – May their memory be a blessing.

Together with the entire British Commonwealth, we were saddened to hear of the passing of His Royal Highness, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

For over seven decades the Prince stood, always two steps behind, but always strong and firm, constantly supporting Her Majesty The Queen. His was a life of public devotion and personal sacrifice for the Commonwealth.

As part of our Shabbat morning Service, we include the Prayer for the Royal Family, and our hearts and prayers are extended to Her Majesty the Queen for her deep loss and we pray that she and her family enjoy many continued years of good health, happiness and nachas, materially and spiritually

The Duke of Edinburgh was a great friend to the Jewish people and Israel, being the first Royal to make a formal visit to Israel, where he attended a ceremony at which his mother was posthumously honoured by Yad Vashem as “Righteous amongst the Nations” for saving Jewish lives during the Holocaust, and it is no coincidence that he returned his soul to his Maker on Yom Hashoah. May his memory be a blessing and his devotion always remembered.

On behalf of our congregation and community we offer our deepest condolences to Her Majesty, Prince Charles, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew, Prince Edward and all the Royal Family. May his dear soul rest in peace.

We currently find ourselves in the Jewish month of Iyar, in which we have a special Mitzvah opportunity, to each day count the Omer. This simple but important Mitzvah reminds us that life is not about counting our days, rather making our days count, and that each day is a gift from Hashem for us to maximise for the benefit ourselves, our family and community.

Please consider joining us for our upcoming JLI course on the fascinating and often-misunderstood topic of Moshiach and the purpose of creation.

Shabbat Shalom and may we share good news


Levi and Dvorah Jaffe

Candle Lighting Times Brisbane

Fri April 16th: Light Candles 5.12pm
Shabbat ends: Sat 17th 6.04pm

Fri April 23rd: Light Candles 5.05pm
Shabbat ends: Sat 24th 5.58pm

Fri April 30th: Lag B’omer  Light Candles 4.59pm
Shabbat ends: Sat 1st 5.52pm

Fri May 7th: Light Candles 4.54pm
Shabbat ends: Sat 8th 5.47pm

Fri May 14th: Light Candles 4.50pm
Shabbat ends: Sat 15th 5.44pm

Sun May 16th: Erev Shavuot Light Candles 4.49pm

Mon May 17th: Shavuot Day 1 Light Candles after 5.43pm

Tues May 18th: Shavuot Day 2 Yom Tov ends: 5.42pm

Fri May 21st: Light Candles 4.46pm
Shabbat ends: Sat 22nd 5.41pm

Fri May 28th: Light Candles 4.44pm
Shabbat ends: Sat 29th 5.39pm

Fri June 4th: Light Candles 4.43pm
Shabbat ends: Sat 5th 5.38pm

Fri June 11th: Light Candles 4.42pm
Shabbat ends: Sat 12th 5.38pm

Fri June 18th: Light Candles 4.43pm
Shabbat ends: Sat 19th 5.39pm

Fri June 25th: Light Candles 4.45pm
Shabbat ends: Sat 26th 5.41pm