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From The Rabbi – Parshat Tetzaveh 5779

Sinai College, the jewel in the crown of our community, has been in operation for almost thirty years, during which time, it has provided a high level of value-based education, both Jewish and general, to hundreds of students within our community and beyond.

It is a particular nachas (joy) for us to be able to congratulate our Sinai alumni for reaching various significant  milestones in their lives, such as engagements, new babies, and academic achievements. This week, we have the great pleasure of reporting on each of these milestones for three of our our graduates namely, Gabrielle Briner on her engagement to Daniel Grunstein, Rabbi Daniel and Ruth Gould on the birth of a new baby boy, and Dr Lyon Peters on submitting his PHD. We extend our Mazal Tov wishes to them and their families, and  commend all the parents,board members and financial supporters, past and present, who have contributed to the ongoing success of Sinai, which has a current growing enrollment of forty students.      .

With the current instability of leadership and government in many countries, including Australia, we could all glean much wisdom and guidance by looking closer into the Torah for true and enduring leadership qualities. This week is the only portion in the Torah, since the birth of Moshe Rabeinu (Moses), in which his name is not mentioned, and the commentators explain that this was because of the request of Moshe to be “erased from the Torah” if Hashem would not forgive the Jewish people for the sin of the Golden Calf. Although Hashem did  eventually forgive the people, the conditional words uttered by a Tzaddik (righteous individual), such as Moshe, are still fulfilled to some degree, and therefore Moshe is absent from this portion.

This self sacrifice and humility of Moshe, in placing the needs of his people before his own, is one of the most important and crucial leadership qualities, which is unfortunately lacking in many of our modern day political and business leaders. They would do well to take a page out of ‘Moshe’s book’…

Being a leap year, we have two months of Adar, the second of which is when we celebrate Purim. Nevertheless, next Tuesday we celebrate Purim Katan (little Purim), as it is the 14th day of Adar 1.    

Shabbat Shalom and happy Purim Katan

Levi and Dvorah Jaffe

From The Rabbi – Parshat Terumah 5779

Although we have just entered the happy month of Adar, today was a sad day for our community, as we bade farewell to one of our great communal stalwarts, the late Michael Solomon OAM, of blessed memory. Please see below tribute to late Michael OBM in this regard.

Mortgages and home-loans have been very much on the  agenda this past week. Families sign away a sizeable chunk of their income for thirty years or so to acquire a home. The sages of the Talmud go so far as to say that “a man without a homestead is not a man.”

A home is more than a roof to keep out the rain, walls to keep out unwanted visitors, a kitchen in which to prepare food and a bed in which to sleep. Forts, office buildings, hotels and restaurants can perform those functions as well, or better, than any residence. But only at home is a person at home. Home is where you can make faces at the mirror, walk around in pyjamas, and eat pickles with peanut butter—because you feel like it.

Hashem, too, desires a home—a place where He can be fully and uninhibitedly Himself. The chassidic masters ask: Why did Hashem create the physical world? What can our coarse, finite, strife-ridden existence give Him that the spiritual dimensions of creation cannot? And they answer: G‑d created the physical world because He wanted a home—a place where He may reside and feel comfortable among our physical lives and our universe.

This week we read of the construction of Hashem’s first home, the Mishkan – Tabernacle, which was a two-room, 45-by-15-foot building, which was positioned in the very centre of the Israelite camp in the desert, and was designed so that it could be dismantled and reassembled as they wandered from place to place for the forty years between their exodus from Egypt and their entry into the Holy Land. Later, a larger and more permanent version was constructed on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

Although we no longer have the physical Mishkan, nevertheless, the instruction to build an abode for Hashem exists spiritually, as each of us is responsible to build within our heart and soul a place of sanctity, a dwelling place for the Divine presence, through our conscience engagement with the world for the sake of a higher purpose and goal.

May we very soon merit the ultimate blessing of the third and final Bet Hamikdash, in which Hashem’s presence will once again be manifestly revealed for the entire world to experience.

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Shabbat Shalom

Levi and Dvorah Jaffe

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