The laws of kosher detail the permitted and forbidden animals, fish, and fowl, and describe the separation of dairy and meat. A significant part of Jewish observance is associated with food, from the dietary laws to the saying of blessings before and after eating, from the celebration of holidays to the agricultural laws governing food from Israel. Modern nutritional science recognizes what Judaism has always taught that to a large extent we are what we eat. We know that the food we eat is absorbed into our flesh and blood.

Where to buy kosher?

The links below guide you to a list of kosher products in Australia which are available at many supermarkets and shops.

Brisbane Synagogue usually has some challa, candles and grape juice for sale Contact Peter Darbishire 3229 3412.

Richards Brothers Seafoods (Qld) Pty Ltd (KLP (Pesach) Smoked Salmon.)
Unit 7, 209 Robertson Road East, GEEBUNG 4034
P.O. Box 277, GEEBUNG 4034
Phone: 07 3265 2773
Fax: 07 3265 7770
Mobiles: Peter Richards 0411 155569 Patrick Richards 0412 241611
Sales: Steve 0417 805486 Email:

The nearest fully kosher shop is the GOLD COAST KOSHER SHOP
Shop is located at 35 Markwell Ave, Surfers Paradise QLD 4217.
Contact number is               07 5570 1851         07 5570 1851.
Shop hours: Monday , Wednesday and Friday 9.30am till 1.00pm.

The shop’s opening times change over the course of the year so please call them for accurate times.

Kosher fresh bread is available from GOLDSTEIN’S BAKERY, now at Westfield Carindale Shopping Centre, Brisbane and on the Gold Coast.

Under the strict supervision of Rabbi Nir Gurevitch of the Gold Coast Hebrew Congregation, the following are the selection of Kosher approved Breads and Rolls in these Gold Coast premises:

* Pacific Fair
* Runaway Bay Shopping Centre
* Southport Park Shopping Centre
* Ashmore City Shopping Centre
* Parkwood Central Plaza
* Chevron Island
* Helensvale Plaza
* Nerang Mall Shopping Centre
* Robina Town Centre
* Harbourtown
* Coomera Shopping Village
* Cocos Fresh Food Market – Carrara
* Westfield Helensvale
* Stocklands Burleigh
* Worongary Shopping Village
* Q-Super Centre

The approved breads and rolls are:
All Malt Grain Breads & Rolls, Wholemeal Breads & Rolls, All Challah’s, Light Rye Cob, All Bagels, Pasta Dura Bread & Rolls, All Rye & Round Rolls, Continental Vienna, Malt Grain Rolls, My Own Grain Loaf, Fruit Buns (Without Icing), Crusty Rolls, Corn & Barley Cob & Rolls, All Dinner Rolls, Plain Herb & Olive Foccacia & Rolls, Supergrain, French Sticks & Small Hot Dog Rolls, Turkish Bread Ciabatta.

The Kashrut Authority (NSW)
To purchase a Kosher Products Directory or to access it online (searchable) visit:

Kosher Australia (Melbourne)
To purchase the Kosher Australia Food Guide 2008 or to access online Kosher updates visit:

Kosher in Brisbane

  • The following is a comprehensive list of local supermarkets and food outlets kindly providing the wider Brisbane Jewish community with Kosher food and products, sorted by Suburb.

*** Indicates large variety.

7-Eleven stores

  • Supplies: ‘Munch’ Chocolate milk, ‘Munch’ Iced Coffee and ‘Munch’ Strawberry Yoghurt and Blueberry Yoghurt.


  • Supplies: ‘Bills’ Sourdough Bread, Bagel House bagels and some other imported Kosher products. Check the certification.
  • Many Kosher products to be found in the gluten free area (Eskal products (biscuits, pretzels),), as well as Yumi’s dips and Kosher fish products in jars and packs (e.g. Holland House) in the refrigerated area


  • Supplies: A variety of Yumi’s dips, Bagel House bagels, Kosher fish products in jars and packs (e.g. Holland House) and Fry’s frozen vegetarian products, among others.

Coco’s, Annerley

  • 310 Ipswich Road, Annerley
    Supplies: Frozen Challa and dry goods

Pick ‘n Pay Hypermarket, Aspley

  • Albany Creek Road, Aspley.                     07 3248 8222   or   07 3248 8222
    Supplies: Dry goods.

Chris’s Supa IGA, Carina

  • 881 Old Cleveland Road, Carina.            07 3398 1634    or    07 3398 1634
    Supplies: Dry goods

Ritchies Supa-IGA, Carindale ***

  • Westfield, 1151 Creek Road, Carindale.  07 3843 1023   or     07 3843 1023
    Supplies many Kosher products.

Clayfield Market Fresh

  • 823 Sandgate Road (cnr Sandgate and Junction Rds), Clayfield

Tom’s Confectionery Warehouse

  • 358 Nudgee Road, Hendra
    Supplies: Kosher chocolates and lollies.

Ritchies Supa IGA, Stones Corner

  • Shop 1, 401 Logan Road, Stones Corner               07 3394 3570         07 3394 3570
    Supplies: Dry goods

Swiss Gourmet Delicatessen ***

  • 181 Boundary Street, West End
    Supplies: Frozen Challa, bread and bagels. Dry and frozen goods. Frozen meat.

Pennisi Cuisine

  • 17 Balaclava Street, Woolloongabba
    Supplies: Dry goods.

Kosher Wines in Brisbane

  • 1st Choice Liquor Stores
  • Dan Murphy’s Cellars
  • Liquorland
  • The above have many outlets in Brisbane and suburbs.

Kosher Meat in Brisbane

Coles Westfield Carindale

  • Has an extensive range of kosher meats and smallgoods.

Swiss Gourmet Deli

  • May be available in minimal quantities, 181 Boundary Street, West End.

Tarlington Trading Co Pty Ltd

  • Also worth contacting
    Unit 7, 149 North Road, Logan Central
    phone: 07 3808 6288 Fax 3808 6399 Email:

Order Through ‘Eilat at Hadassa’ Kosher Butcher in Sydney. 

  • The meat arrives ready frozen.
  • The meat will arrive in Brisbane approximately two weeks after the order dates.
  • All meat is delivered to Chabad House, 8 Meadowbank Street, Carindale.
  • Orders must be submitted directly to ‘Hadassa’ by fax (02 9130 4760) or email (
  • For more details call 02 9365 4904 and ask for Craig. Once orders are sent please call to confirm they received your order.
  • Contact Rabbi Jaffe in regard to Hadassa orders.


Candle Lighting Times Brisbane


Fri July 2nd: Light Candles 4.47pm
Shabbat ends: Sat 3rd 5.43pm

Fri July 9th: Light Candles 4.50pm
Shabbat ends: Sat 10th 5.46pm

Fri July 16th: Light Candles 4.53pm
Shabbat ends: Sat 17th 5.49pm Tisha B’Av fast starts Sat 5.12pm until 5.38pm Sun 18th

Fri July 23rd: Light Candles 4.57pm
Shabbat ends: Sat 24th 5.52pm

Fri July 30th: Light Candles 5pm
Shabbat ends: Sat 31st 5.55pm

Fri August 6th: Light Candles 5.04pm
Shabbat ends: Sat 7th 5.59pm

Fri August 13th: Light Candles 5.08pm
Shabbat ends: Sat 14th 6.02pm

Fri August 20th: Light Candles 5.11pm
Shabbat ends: Sat 21st 6.05pm

Fri August 27th: Light Candles 5.14pm
Shabbat ends: Sat 28th 6.08pm

Fri Sept 3rd: Light Candles 5.17pm
Shabbat ends: Sat 4th 6.11pm

Monday Sept 6th: Erev Rosh Hashana Light Candles 5.19pm

Tuesday Sept 7th: Rosh Hashana 1 Light Candles after 6.12pm

Wed Sept 8th: Rosh Hashana 2 Yom Tov ends 6.12pm

Thurs Sept 9th: Fast of Gedaliah: 4.40am-6.02pm

Fri Sept 10th: Light Candles 5.21pm
Shabbat ends: Sat 11th 6.14pm

Wed Sept 15th: Erev Yom Kippur – Kol Nidrei Night Light Candles 5.23pm

Thurs Sept 16th: Yom Kippur   Yom Kippur ends 6.16pm

Fri Sept 17th: Light Candles 5.24pm
Shabbat ends: Sat 18th 6.17pm

Mon Sept 20th: Erev Sukkot  Light Candles 5.25pm

Tues Sept 21st: Sukkot 1  Light Candles after 6.18pm

Wed Sept 22nd: Sukkot 2  Yom Tov ends 6.19pm

Thurs Sept 23rd – Sunday 26th: Sukkot intermediate days (Chol Hamoed)

Monday Sept 27th: Hoshana Rabba    Light Candles 5.28pm

Tuesday Sept 28th: Shemini Atzeret: Light Candles after 6.21pm

Wed Sept 29th: Simchat Torah   Yom Tov ends 6.22pm