Service Times


Pesach 5779/2019

First Days Yom Tov
Friday, April 19 – Erev Pesach (Eve)

Shacharit (Morning) Service 6am, followed by Siyum – completion of Tractate ceremony
Eat Chametz until: 9:50am
Burn your Chametz before: 10:42am
Candle lighting time: 5:10pm
Evening Service: 6:00pm
First Seder Following Service

Shabbat, April 20 – 1st Day Yom Tov
Shacharit (Morning) Services: 9:00am
Candle Lighting: After 6:02pm
Maariv (Eve) Service: 6pm
Second Seder Following Service

Sunday, April 21 – 2nd Day Yom Tov
Shacharit (Morning) Services: 9:00am
Yom Tov Ends: 5:56pm
Maariv (Evening) Service: 6:45pm

Intermediate Days – Chol Hamoed Pesach   
Monday – April 22 – Thursday April 25
Shacharit (Morning) Services: 6am
Mincha 5pm, followed by Talmud Shiur (class) and Maariv

Last Days Yom Tov
Thursday, April 25 – Erev (Eve) Shevi’I Shel Pesach (Seventh Day)

Candle Lighting: 5.04pm
Maariv (Evening) Service: 6:00pm

Friday, April 26– Shevi’I Shel Pesach
Shacharit (Morning) Services: 9:00am
Candle Lighting: 5.03pm
Maariv (Evening) Service: 6pm

Shabbat, April 27- Acharon Shel Pesach (Last Day)
Shacharit (Morning) Service: 9am
Maariv (Evening) Service: 6:00pm
Yizkor: 10:30pm
Moshiach Seuda – Meal: 4:00pm
Yom Tov Ends: 5:56pm
Maariv (Evening) Service: 6:30

Shabbat Services:

  • Fridays at 6pm
  • Saturdays at 9am

Weekday Services:

  • Mondays at 6am
  • Thursday at 6am

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Shabbat and Festival Times


Fri  April 5th: Light Candles 5.24pm

Shabbat ends: Sat 6th 6.16pm

Fri  April 12th: Light Candles 5.17pm
Shabbat ends: Sat 13th 6.08pm

Fri  April 19th: Passover Eve, First Seder: Light Candles 5.10pm
Sat 20th: Second Seder: Light candles after 6.02pm

Fri  April 26th: Light Candles 5.03pm
Shabbat/Passover ends: Sat 27th 5.56pm